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Security Architect Resources

ISAUnited is responding to security practitioners' needs for reliable professional tools. Here's what you'll see in our evolving resources library.

These resources provide a foundation for security architecture knowledge and represent the areas of the profession: Defensible Architecture, Security Standards, Technical Research, Architect Templates, and Industry News. They are the foundation on which security practice standards and industry-specific extensions are built.

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Spotlight Resources

Project Management

As a security architect, in most cases or scenarios, you have the opportunity of having an in-house Project Management Office (PMO). However, in some cases, security architects will have to be able to perform this role.  The primary responsibility of a security architect is to provide the design patterns, principles, and controls for the security architecture within an organization.  In any case, the security architect's job is to ensure the security projects are deployed and implemented whether a project manager is available or not.  At ISAU we provide an easy-to-use, Project Management ebook for Security Architects. 

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ISAU Library is your platform for the latest in security architecture design and practice. This core collection covers all technical areas of security architecture. ISAU’s Library includes:

Foundational and Technical Standards



Manuals and Reports

and more.

ISAU continues to respond to practitioners’ needs for reliable professional tools.  We will continue to share updates on our standards transformation. 


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