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About Us

The International Security Architects United (, a professional membership body formed and based in the United States, stands at the forefront of a profession that plans, designs, and engineers information security while supporting its security architect members. Although based in America, supports and empowers security architects on a global scale, fostering a truly international community dedicated to advancing the profession.

What We Do

We advocate for the value of security architecture and give architects the resources they need to do their best work. Our work drives positive change through the power of security by design.


We help our industry and the industries we work in learn and share our experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities.

We also promote the essential contribution that security architects make the world secure.

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Our Philosophy

Evangelizing a commitment to strategizing and planning security-by-design as an essential foundation for creating safe, secure, and resilient technologies. We believe that security should not be an afterthought, but an integral component woven into the fabric of every architectural and engineering endeavor. By embracing a proactive approach, we empower teams to anticipate and mitigate potential threats from the outset, ensuring the safety and well-being of people and technology. Through meticulous planning, rigorous analysis, and a dedication to excellence, we strive to design technologies that not only meet the highest standards of security but also inspire trust, confidence, and peace of mind.

Our Purpose

As an institute of professional security architects, we dedicate ourselves to advancing our individual growth, utilizing security by design to secure and protect technology.

Our Mission

To encourage all organizations in every industry to adopt and implement security by design.

Our Vision

  • Grow our number of professionals in the security architect space.

  • Adopt and apply best practices, frameworks, and standards.

  • Ensure all technology infrastructure is safe, resilient, and sustainable.

  • Advance the educational and professional standards for security architects.

  • Promote the value of security architects as an essential role in society.

We Welcome our President


Please visit my 'Architects Corner', a place where I share my thoughts and research.

ISAUnited's Chief Architect and Community President Arthur Chavez, is a US professional cybersecurity architect, entrepreneur, and instructor.  He is a seasoned technology professional with over two decades of expertise in Cybersecurity and IT Operations. Throughout his career, he has developed a specialty in AWS Cloud Security, Application Security, and GRC assessments, encompassing the entire lifecycle from design and planning to implementation. His experience spans various industries, including Healthcare, Finance, Energy, and Technology.

Over the years, Arthur has successfully executed numerous Cybersecurity programs, such as Security Risk Gap Analysis, Vulnerability Management, MITRE ATT&CK Threat models, Web Application Security, Agile DevSecOps Pipeline, Attack Surface Management, and comprehensive audits aligned with standards such as NIST, ISO, CIS Controls, HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, and more.

With his relentless commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructure and data, he has consistently delivered robust security solutions that mitigate risks and protect organizations from ever-evolving threats. Arthur deeply understands industry best practices and stays ahead of emerging trends to ensure the highest security posture.

Arthur's extensive background and experience as a security architecture designer, he emerges as a visionary leader poised to steer ISAUnited toward new heights. His adept skills and strategic insight position him as a driving force, capable of precisely managing the organization and its stakeholders. Arthur's commitment to excellence is reflected in his ability to craft a clear and diverse roadmap, setting the course for ISAUnited's future endeavors. Beyond mere management, he envisions a transformative journey that will not only elevate the organization but also enhance the lives of security architecture designers worldwide. In his hands, ISAUnited is not just a collective entity; it is a dynamic force with a purpose – to better the landscape and empower the individuals shaping the future of security architecture.


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About our Community

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