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Our Focus

As cyber threats evolve in complexity and scale, the role of security architects becomes increasingly critical. Security architects are responsible for designing and implementing comprehensive security structures that protect an organization's information assets. However, the absence of standardized guidelines often leads to inconsistency in security measures, hindering the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity strategies.

A dedicated standards organization for Security Architecture and Architects would fill this void by providing a centralized platform for the development of industry-wide best practices, frameworks, and guidelines. This collaborative effort would streamline security architecture processes, enhance interoperability, and establish a common language for security professionals worldwide.

In 2019, a group of security engineers and architects created and founded ‘IT Security Alliance’. Initially conceived as an Open Standard Organization, its primary aim was to foster collaboration and consensus between IT and Security business units.

In its inaugural year, membership leaders, including senior engineers and architects, recognized a gap in support for those involved in security engineering and architecture responsible for designing, constructing, and managing technical architecture and infrastructure. It was evident that security architects, acknowledged as leaders within the security community, needed a dedicated support structure to guide the design, construction, and security of business architecture and cloud infrastructure.

In 2022, a significant shift occurred as the organization transitioned from the IT Security Alliance to the International Security Architects United, or ISAUnited. This change in nomenclature marked a strategic refocusing of efforts to drive objectives and goals for securing business architecture and cloud infrastructure from the top down. With the collaboration of new members and the community president, ISAUnited became a closed Standard Organization, restricting membership access exclusively to its members.


What is a Standards Organization?

A standards organization, also known as a standards-setting or standards-development organization, is a body that develops and establishes standards for specific industries, technologies, or processes. These standards are essential for ensuring consistency, interoperability, quality, and safety in products, services, and systems.

Standards organizations play a crucial role in various fields, including manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. They bring together experts from relevant industries to collaborate and develop consensus-based standards. These standards encompass various aspects, such as product specifications, safety requirements, testing methods, and performance criteria.

By providing a common framework for companies and industries, standards organizations facilitate the development of technologies. Standards help ensure that products and services meet specific criteria, leading to improved quality, safety, and compatibility.

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