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A Model for Safeguarding Architecture

Secure your cloud architectures with the Well-Secured-Architected framework - a comprehensive, structured approach tailored for the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Explore the four core pillars and gain strategic alignment, cloud security mastery, secure design principles, and regulatory compliance. Streamline security architecture design, implementation, and continuous improvement. Unlock benefits like comprehensive coverage, risk mitigation, stakeholder trust, and cost savings. Stay ahead of threats with this robust, adaptable methodology from ISAUnited.

Challenges in Hybrid Architecture Security

A significant challenge for architecture practitioners, particularly security architecture designers, as they navigate the complexities of hybrid on-premises and cloud architectures. With the vast array of components and systems requiring design, maintenance, and security measures, practitioners struggle to establish their organization's digital footprint effectively. The absence of or the use of an unstructured comprehensive framework leaves security architects without clear direction and guidance, hindering their ability to address the intricate demands of securing modern IT infrastructures. 

The "Well-Secured-Architected" framework presents a comprehensive and structured approach to designing, implementing, and maintaining secure cloud architectures, tailored specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities of cloud computing.

The Enterprise Security Architecture pillar focuses on developing a strategic security blueprint aligned with organizational goals and risk tolerance while establishing strong organizational security foundations through policies, procedures, and governance structures. The Cloud Security Architecture pillar equips organizations with the expertise and controls necessary to leverage cloud services securely and mitigate cloud-specific risks.

Exploring ISAUnited's Well-Secured-Architected Framework

ISAUnited's Well-Secured-Architected framework provides the comprehensive solution you need to fortify your defenses and stay ahead of emerging threats.

This modern model is tailored explicitly for architect designers, empowering you to design, implement, and maintain robust security architectures that align with industry best practices and your organization's unique requirements.

With four core pillars:

  1. Enterprise Security Architecture

  2. Cloud Security Architecture

  3. Security Architecture Design

  4. Security Standards and Controls


The Well-Secured-Architected framework offers a holistic and structured approach to security. From strategic alignment and cloud security mastery to secure design principles and regulatory compliance, this framework equips you with the tools and guidance to build resilient, defensible architectures.

Download the Well-Secured-Architected whitepaper today and take the first step toward elevating your cloud security to unprecedented heights.

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ISAU Library is your platform for the latest in security architecture design and practice. This core collection covers all technical areas of security architecture. ISAU’s Library includes:

Foundational and Technical Standards



Manuals and Reports

and more.

ISAU continues to respond to practitioners’ needs for reliable professional tools.  We will continue to share updates on our standards transformation. 


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