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Security Standards

Setting the Standard for Security Architecture

Enterprise security architecture plays a crucial role in defining and adhering to security standards within an organization. Security standards are essential for ensuring consistent implementation of security policies, mitigating risks, and maintaining compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

By adopting, developing, creating, and adhering to security standards, enterprise security architecture can establish a robust security posture, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and foster a culture of security within the organization. This approach helps to mitigate risks, protect critical assets, and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization's information and systems. 

Closing The Gaps

The overall security industry does appear to lack comprehensive security standards that can be consistently applied across all sectors.

ISAUnited's research findings reveal that existing security standards and frameworks, including CIS, ISO, and NIST, often lack detailed guidance on implementation within organizations, industries, or sectors. These standards tend to be high-level and disjointed, making it challenging for organizations to effectively integrate them into their security practices. As a result, the security industry as a whole has not widely adopted universally applicable security standards, regardless of an organization's sector or size.

This lack of cross-sector security standards can be attributed to several key challenges. The security industry is fragmented, with rapid consolidation among large conglomerates, making it difficult to establish consistent standards across the diverse range of security providers and services. Additionally, the varying compliance requirements of different industries and jurisdictions make it challenging to develop a one-size-fits-all security standard.


Lack of adequate guidance and collaborative effort in formulating and implementing security standards poses challenges for organizations. This impedes their ability to ensure the efficacy and dependability of their security protocols and hampers their capacity to showcase security proficiency to both customers and regulatory bodies.

Unified Security

ISAUnited has taken a proactive and ambitious approach to developing a series of comprehensive campaigns aimed at establishing and promoting security standards that effectively close existing cybersecurity gaps. By investing in research and development, the organization has created innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by modern enterprises. ISAUnited's campaigns focus on raising awareness and educating stakeholders about the importance of implementing strong security measures across all levels of an organization. ISAUnited provides a platform for security practitioners to collaborate and have one voice for security standards. The organization aims to work closely with industry leaders, regulatory bodies, and other key partners to ensure that its standards are in line with the latest developments and best practices in cybersecurity.

Foundational Standards

Foundational Standards provide guidance utilizing ISAUnited's frameworks and methodologies to establish security architectures and strategies. They offer a blueprint for members to understand and implement overarching principles and approaches in their security initiatives.

Technical Standards

Technical Standards dive deeper into the practical implementation of security measures. These standards offer detailed guidance on security tooling, processes, and best practices that members can deploy in real-world scenarios. By delineating specific security protocols and methodologies.

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NEW Standards Alignment with NIST and ISO

ISAUnited announces the integration project with the internationally recognized standards of NIST and ISO, embracing global foundational security architecture standards.

Our dedicated Task Group and its members are actively collaborating to progress and align security architecture standards on a global scale. ISAUnited is partnering with established standards development organizations, actively contributing to the creation of control standards and engaging in the planning of new initiatives related to security architecture and engineering standards.  Publish dates will be 2024.




ISAU Library is your platform for the latest in security architecture design and practice. This core collection covers all technical areas of security architecture. ISAU’s Library includes:

Foundational and Technical Standards



Manuals and Reports

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ISAU continues to respond to practitioners’ needs for reliable professional tools.  We will continue to share updates on our standards transformation. 


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