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Introducing Security Design Operations (SDO)

Implementing SDO: Streamlining Security Architecture Design

The Security Design Operations is an overarching framework that allows organizations' business units, management, and architectural design practitioners to commit to collaboration and cohesiveness in designing and protecting the organization's architecture.  Security architect designers will gain a better understanding of how to systematically manage architecture security, and continuously measure progress to improve overall architecture security posture. This framework was created to integrate into any existing organization’s IT architecture maturity and any security frameworks or methods administered by the security team.

The Security Design Operations (SDO) framework provides a comprehensive approach to designing and safeguarding organizational architectures. It serves as an operational guide for all security design practitioners, whether working individually or in a team setting.  The Security Design Operations framework seamlessly integrates into existing IT architecture maturity levels and security frameworks, ensuring adaptability and relevance across diverse organizational contexts.


Through security architecture design, assignment to enterprise projects, participation in technical design authority or CoE teams, and conducting regular BAU activities, security architect designers fortify organizational defenses and ensure resilience against evolving cyber threats. Embracing the framework of SDO and leveraging their expertise, security architect designers can effectively safeguard organizational assets and information in today's dynamic digital landscape. Ultimately, adopting a design methodology such as ISAUnited's Defensible Architecture within the SDO framework ensures that security architect designers chart a secure and resilient path forward.

Implementing SDO into any security team structure and size is seamless. Whether small or large, the elements and principles can be tailored to fit specific needs. SDO provides invaluable support to individual security architect designers or teams by offering a structured and systematic approach to designing and implementing security measures. By adopting this framework, security architect designers gain clarity and consistency in their processes, ensuring that security considerations are integrated into every stage of solution development. SDO facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, enabling them to align their efforts with organizational goals and priorities. Additionally, SDO promotes agility and adaptability, allowing security architect designers to respond effectively to emerging threats and evolving business requirements. Overall, by embracing the principles of SDO, security architect designers can enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in securing organizational assets and information.

Integrating security by design into an SDO framework provides a structured approach for security architect designers. It ensures security considerations are embedded at every stage of the design and implementation process. By following this framework, organizations systematically address security concerns, anticipate threats, and design architectures aligning with risk tolerance and compliance. Security architect designers collaborate more effectively, fostering a culture of security awareness and accountability. Ultimately, this approach secures infrastructure, networks, and business operations against cyber threats.


ISAUnited Institute stands ready to support organizations and security teams in strategizing, planning, and implementing our Security Design Operations framework to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience in safeguarding their organization. With our expertise and resources, we aim to empower security professionals to navigate the complexities of today's threat landscape confidently. By partnering with ISAUnited, organizations can embark on a journey towards building a secure and resilient future for their digital infrastructure, networks, and operations.

Included are the ISAUnited's Security Architecture Designs - 5 Key Responsibilities.


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