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Attack Surface Analysis in Security-by-Design

ISAUnited has recently unveiled its latest Security Standard, dedicated to protecting your organizations attack surface. This new security standard represents a significant effort in security-by-design in architecture, offering organizations a comprehensive approach to identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential internet-facing entry points leaving doors open across their digital infrastructure. ISAUnited's ASM standard provides organizations with guidelines and best practices for effectively managing their attack surfaces, enabling them to proactively defend against internet-facing cyber threats. By implementing this security standard, organizations can enhance their resilience to evolving cyber risks, fortify their defenses, and safeguard their critical assets effectively. ISAUnited's commitment to advancing cybersecurity standards underscores its dedication to empowering organizations with the tools and resources needed to navigate today's complex threat landscape with confidence.

ISAUnited conducted a thorough review and collaborative effort among its team of architecture design professionals to integrate Attack Surface Management (ASM) as a critical component of its security by design method. Through extensive deliberation and expertise sharing, the team recognized the importance of ASM in proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities within the organization's digital infrastructure. Leveraging their collective knowledge and insights, ISAUnited professionals collaborated to develop comprehensive guidelines and strategies for seamlessly integrating ASM into the security by design framework. This concerted effort reflects ISAUnited's commitment to staying ahead of evolving cyber threats and providing clients with robust security solutions. By inducting ASM into the security by design process, ISAUnited aims to enhance its proactive defense capabilities, mitigate risks, and ensure the resilience of its clients' digital assets against emerging cyber threats.

Learn more, ISAUnited members can now download the new Security Standard 'ISAU-STD-401-v1.2024-ASM' here:


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