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NEW - Technical Fellow Membership

Join us at ISAUnited as we embark on an exciting journey to honor and celebrate the pinnacle of technical expertise and leadership within our community. We are thrilled to introduce our newest membership status 'Technical Fellow Membership'.

Introducing ISAUnited’s Technical Fellow Membership

As ISAUnited continues to evolve as a premier organization in the fields of technical engineering and architecture, it recognizes the need to honor and elevate the exceptional technical expertise and leadership within its community. To this end, ISAUnited is proud to announce the development of a new membership status: Technical Fellow Membership.



As professional organizations evolve, the need to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional contributions becomes paramount. Thus, the introduction of a Fellow Membership status stands as a significant step towards recognizing the outstanding achievements and leadership within the community.

Fellow Membership is an elevated status within the organization, reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, expertise, and impact in their respective fields. It not only serves as a mark of distinction but also fosters a culture of mentorship, collaboration, and continuous advancement.


The creation of the Technical Fellow Membership status stems from a deep commitment to recognize and celebrate individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled proficiency, vision, and impact in their respective technical domains. ISAUnited understands that fostering a culture of technical excellence is paramount to driving innovation and advancing the organization's mission of promoting the application of automation and control systems in diverse industries.

In developing the Technical Fellow Membership program, ISAUnited will establish criteria and selection processes to identify candidates who exemplify the highest standards of technical excellence, leadership, and innovation. Drawing upon input from industry experts, senior members, and stakeholders, ISAUnited will define the qualifications and attributes that distinguish Technical Fellows within the organization.

The Technical Fellow Membership program will be open to members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of automation and control systems, as evidenced by their groundbreaking research, innovative projects, influential publications, and leadership roles within ISAUnited and the broader technical community. Candidates will undergo a thorough evaluation process, which may include peer reviews, endorsements, and assessments of their technical accomplishments, leadership capabilities, and impact on the field.


ISAUnited is committed to ensuring that the Technical Fellow Membership program reflects the organization's values of inclusivity, diversity, and meritocracy. Efforts will be made to identify and recognize technical excellence across diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and career stages, ensuring that Technical Fellows represent the rich tapestry of expertise within the organization.


The criteria for attaining Technical Fellow Membership are exacting and comprehensive, reflecting the multifaceted nature of technical excellence:

Professional Accomplishments

Fellow candidates should have a substantial track record of accomplishments in their field, showcasing innovation, leadership, and impact. These achievements could range from groundbreaking research to influential publications, patents, or significant contributions to industry standards.


Service to the Organization

Active participation and service to the organization are vital components. This involvement could manifest through leadership roles, committee memberships, or volunteering efforts that have significantly contributed to the organization's mission and goals.



Mentorship and Advocacy

Fellows should demonstrate a commitment to fostering the growth and development of others within the community. This could involve mentorship of junior members, advocacy for diversity and inclusion initiatives, or contributions to educational programs and outreach efforts.



Reputation and Recognition

Recognition from peers and leaders in the field is also considered. Testimonials, endorsements, or letters of recommendation from established members can attest to the candidate's impact and standing within the community.



Technical Prowess and Innovation

Candidates for Technical Fellow status must exhibit a proven track record of technical excellence, characterized by groundbreaking innovations, influential research, and the development of transformative technologies or methodologies within their field.



Leadership and Influence

Technical Fellows are expected to demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities, inspiring and guiding others towards technical excellence and innovation. They often serve as mentors, advisors, or technical authorities within the organization, shaping its technical direction and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.



Impact and Recognition

The impact of a candidate's technical contributions, both within the organization and the broader industry, is a key consideration. Testimonials, endorsements, or awards from peers, industry leaders, and stakeholders serve as evidence of their significant impact and recognition within the technical community.



Vision and Thought Leadership

Technical Fellows are visionaries who possess a deep understanding of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within their field. They contribute to the advancement of knowledge through thought leadership, speaking engagements, publications, or participation in industry forums and standards bodies.

Stay Tuned!

We invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates about ISAUnited's Technical Fellow Membership status. As we continue to refine and develop this prestigious program, we are committed to providing you with all the information you need to embark on this journey of recognition, excellence, and leadership within our community. Keep an eye out for announcements, application details, and opportunities to engage with our vibrant network of technical professionals. Together, let's shape the future of automation and control systems with ISAUnited.


Stay tuned for more information—your path to becoming a Technical Fellow awaits!

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