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Architects Corner
by Art Chavez

ISAUnited's Chief Security Architect

As part of my commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and professional development within the security architecture community, I spearheaded the creation of a new publication section on the website, aptly named "Architects Corner." Recognizing the value of insightful research and practical expertise, Architects Corner serves as a dedicated platform for security architects to disseminate their whitepapers and contribute to the collective knowledge base of the industry.

The conception of Architects Corner stemmed from a desire to provide security architects with a prominent space to showcase their thought leadership and innovative ideas. By curating a collection of whitepapers, spanning a diverse range of topics and methodologies, we aim to enrich discussions, inspire new approaches, and address emerging challenges in security architecture design.

Traditional Library

A Whitepaper and Security Guide for Securing Data Flow

Written by Art Chavez

Submitted: Jan 2024


A Whitepaper and security model of our interpretation of 'Well-Secured-Architected'

Written by Art Chavez

Submitted: May 2024

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