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Architecture SOS helps infrastructure, network, and security practitioners collaborate, understand, manage, and continuously improve their architecture maturity and security posture.


As a professional institute, we are strategizing and planning a consortium of organizations that will assist in creating a new standard for securing architecture


the consortium of participating organizations will be tiered into partners and sponsors.


called Architecture Security Operations Strategy (Architecture SOS).


security is a shared responsibility that extends to all employees within an organization. While there are dedicated cybersecurity professionals and teams, every individual in the organization plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure and resilient environment. This strategy will be considered as one standard, one voice, to architecture security design and defense.


With our leadership, we are seeking organizations in various industries to commit to and participate in this new standard framework. Utilizing the plan-do-check-act model we hope that organizations will consider collaboration and participation in bringing a 'security-by-design' mindset to protecting organizational architecture which includes data assets, infrastructure, and networks.

  • Be proactive.

  • Document procedures and require strict adherence.

  • Institute a blameless environment, by treating architecture practitioner errors as system deficiencies and not as reasons to punish and intimidate.

  • Require senior company management to commit.

  • Identify personnel responsible for security initiatives and oversight.

  • Implement a non-punitive method for employees to report security issues.

  • Continuously identify and address security risks in all aspects of architectural operations.

  • Provide security assurance by regularly evaluating operations to identify and address risks.

The Consortium

A committee will be formed and a chair will be designated to begin the creation of the Architecture Security Operations Strategy program. 


The Problem


Equip everyone at your company to identify, address, and monitor vulnerabilities in the company’s technical operations.


With leadership commitment, organizations can realize the benefits of continually secure technical operations.


The Tooling

Plan - Do - Check - Act:  The core principle, which is the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle, requires practitioners to determine the steps that need to be taken, complete these, periodically review and necessary, and enact any changes or improvements. Ultimately, this requirement drives the industry towards its zero-incident goal by ensuring that the various components of the security management strategy are regularly reviewed and continually evolving.


Gain an understanding of Pipeline SMS, assess gaps, and develop an action plan.


Track, evaluate and summarize my implementation status.


Evaluate effectiveness with ratings for all aspects of the strategy.


Architecture practitioners in infrastructure, networking, and security are committed to improving secure performance and reaching a goal of zero incidents. Recognizing architecture practitioners are at different stages of maturity, a flexible road map and suite of tools have been designed to support architecture practitioners are they launch their efforts and begin the Architecture SOS journey. Access tools, fact sheets, and other Architecture SOS resources using ISAUnited resources.


Architecture SOS helps infrastructure, network, and security practitioners understand, manage, and continuously improve their security controls at any stage in their architecture maturity.

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